Peninsula Petroleum ISTOBAL Car Wash Program

In today’s world, it’s tough to maintain a healthy profit margin in the fuel industry.  Margins are tight and competitors are plentiful.  Adding a car wash system is a great way to attract new customers and create repeat business with a product that is easy and low cost to maintain.  Peninsula Petroleum can help you decide if adding a car wash is the right solution for your business.

Face it, your customers are strapped for time.  Between getting kids off to school, going to work, taking care of their parents, and attending all those after-school activities, they simply have more to do and less available time to get it done.  Once your customers see that they can fill up their tanks AND clean their cars with just one stop, they will be more loyal and share their experience with friends and family.


Peninsula Petroleum is proud to partner with ISTOBAL because of the many benefits their solutions bring to you and your customers:


We’re proud to partner with ISTOBAL, a global leader in the car wash and car care industry.  ISTOBAL car wash systems are found in 75 countries worldwide, and are the chosen care wash and car care provider for Ferrari and Lamborghini car companies.

  • ISTOBAL systems are modern and top-of-line.  They feature an innovative brush system that includes both polyethylene (brush) and foam (brushless) options called “Link-it.”  This system is constructed of interchangeable and disposable parts to allow for the maximum level of flexibility, profitability, durability, and versatility.  Your customers can choose a customized cleaning program to meet their own preferences for their vehicles from friction to touch free or a combination of both.


  • ISTOBAL’s focus on protecting the environment is shown by the ISO 14001 certificate they hold for their environmental policy.  Their chemical cleaners are condensed and packed in smaller containers to reduce waste and lessen the CO2 emissions from transportation.  Because of the way the brushes are constructed with interchangeable pieces, the impact of discarded, worn parts on the environment is reduced.  You and your customers will both feel good about choosing ISTOBAL.

The process of selecting and constructing a car wash can seem like a very complex process.  Peninsula Petroleum is committed to making it easy for you.  Our professionals are ready to help you review all the choices available and select the program that is best for your business and your marketplace.  We’ll be there to guide you through every step from design to build and finally to introducing it to your community.

Let’s get started on growing your business today!