Peninsula Petroleum Careers

Being able to work efficiently, think “out-of-the-box”, and tackle challenges enthusiastically requires thorough training and development.  Employees’ training begins on day one.  We want every employee to have the tools and knowledge to be able to help our customers in the moment.  We value initiative and creativity to do the right thing for customers when they need it. 

Employees also receive extensive training for safety.  We are committed to keeping our employees, our customers, and our environment safe.  We even select our vendor partners based on their commitment to this same value.  Every employee should be able to complete their responsibilities in a safe environment and be healthy at work.

If you’re interested in beginning a long-term career with a company who thrives on innovation and challenges, then Peninsula Petroleum might be just the place for you.  Beginning a career with Peninsula Petroleum could mean a lifetime of opportunities.  Contact us today to see where you can begin your adventure.

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“Peninsula Petroleum hires service-minded individuals who can think on their feet and are looking for a career.”

Are you looking for a long-term career in an innovative and challenging environment where you can stretch your skills and grow a rewarding career working alongside other motivated and fun people?  Would you like to feel the rewards of providing needed expertise to business owners and witness them reach their full potential?  Do you enjoy working in an environment where your results are measured and your achievements are celebrated?

If you’re saying “YES!” then Peninsula Petroleum may be just the place for you!  A career with Peninsula Petroleum can mean opportunities of a lifetime for those people who aren’t afraid to work hard and race to the finish line!

Employee Spotlight

Pictured from left to right Jenn, Mindy, and Craig.

At Peninsula Petroleum, we have a strong commitment to doing the right thing at the right time. Our October ROCKSTAR did just that. This past Saturday, a customer in one of our Chevron Station and Car Wash on Williams Hwy in Grants Pass had a medical emergency. Thanks to her alertness and knowledge of first… Read More

Employee Spotlight

We know we are only as successful as the community around us.  Rewarding our community leaders for their commitment to excellence is important to Peninsula Petroleum. We’re proud to share this picture of Central Point Store Manager, Siane, and Assistant Manager, Jennifer, as they present the Central Point Police Department with Peninsula Petroleum gift baskets.… Read More

Employee Spotlight

Not only is Peninsula Petroleum focused on continuous improvement for our employees; we are also committed to the education and development of the children in our neighborhoods. Our Phoenix Store Manager, Maggie, took part in a program to deliver a special program for kids, “Peninsula Petroleum’s Fuel Your School” to students at Redwood Elementary.  Thank… Read More

Employee Spotlight

At Peninsula Petroleum, we work hard as a team together.  We support each other through challenges, and we celebrate our wins as a team.  Some of these celebrations are exciting opportunities! Here’s a great photograph of Jenn, Don, and Shawn participating in the Peninsula Petroleum Portland Grand Prix.  You could say they got the ride… Read More